Why You Should Be Offering Post-65 Retiree Benefits

As a business owner, you’re always trying to do what’s best for your employees. Retiree health insurance offers financial protection for early retirees, covering medical care, prescription drugs, and other services not covered by Medicare or employer-based insurance. This means invaluable peace of mind for those no longer in the workforce. 

At Benistar, we are your number one solution for group retiree benefits. Benistar’s group retiree insurance plans offer complete, dependable health insurance coverage. These programs provide a variety of coverage choices that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of retirees. Here are some important reasons why your company should be offering post-65 retiree benefits to employees. 

Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug costs can be very high and only some of it can be covered with Medicare. Benistar works with brokers and consultants to find the most affordable prescription drug solutions for employees. We will keep up with all the latest changes in the medical benefits area so you are always giving the best plans to your employees. 

It’s The Right Thing to Do 

If you are a business owner that really cares for its employees, this is a great opportunity to show that. Retiree benefits are especially enticing to employees if they include a matching contribution from the employer. Employers have the ability to offer additional retirement contributions on top of the ones made by employees, which can be a huge benefit for them. Offering these retiree benefits tells your employees you value them, which could raise employee morale and increase productivity in the workplace. 

Retiree Benefits Make Your Company More Attractive 

Employers need a competitive edge in the job market more than ever. Right now, there are more jobs available than people who need them. Offering retiree benefits is a great way to make your company stand out as more attractive to potential employees. 

Group retirement plans allow existing employees to save money for retirement now. Additionally, employees can benefit from tax advantages. Many group retirement plans allow them to contribute money on a tax-free basis. Because of this and matching contributions, existing employees also have more incentive to stay with your company long term. This can save you time and money instead of interviewing and training new workers. 

Get The Best Group Retirement Plans With Benistar 

If you are a business owner considering offering group retirement plans, contact Benistar at 1-866-469-6682. Benistar’s group retiree medical plans are designed to pay for the costs that are recognized but not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Since 1978, Benistar has offered retiree health and retirement plans and administration for more than 1,700 plan sponsors throughout the United States. 

We can provide retiree benefits and prescription drug solutions for companies nationwide, including: publicly and privately owned companies, government entities, labor unions, educational organizations, religious organizations, and more.

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