Group Retiree Medical Plans

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Plan Sponsors
Benefit Design

BASI will work with clients to determine the current level of coverage retirees receive and will coordinate with carrier partners to provide benefits that are actuarially equal to, or better than, the current benefits in the most cost-effective manner.

Market Comparison

BASI works with preferred carriers in each of the 3 major portions of retiree health: Medicare Advantage, Group Medigap, and Part D Prescription Drug coverage. BASI will take a prospective client’s requirements out to market and determine the best carrier and product type for each individual case.


There is no “one size fits all” solution on the market today. There are multitudes of solutions available so it can be difficult to track all the changes in product and carrier positioning to determine which program will bring the most value to each client. This is where BASI steps in as experts who focus entirely on retiree benefit solutions. We are always on the frontline to provide solutions that fit the specific needs of a plan sponsor.

Some Benefits Options To Customize Your Plan

Both traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans
Prescription Drug Plans
Commercial and Part D Plans
Silver & Fit
Benistar can keep up with all the changes in the Medical Benefits arena. You no longer have to look for the best plans or deal with administration or billing. It is one-stop shopping for all of your retiree benefit plans.
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Benistar Medicare Gap
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Group Retiree Medical Solutions

Benistar works with the most reputable, highly-rated insurance carriers to provide senior medical insurance programs. Our medical plans coordinate with Medicare to provide seamless coverage for your retirees. Features of our programs include:

Guaranteed Issue

There are no exclusions for preexisting conditions

Fully Insured

Cap your retiree Health Liability with an insured plan.

No Networks

Retirees may choose any doctor accepting Medicare patients.


coverage is available in all 50 states.

Spousal Coverage

If 65 years or older and enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

Flexible Plan Designs

Adjust or eliminate Medicare deductibles or co-pays.

Electronic Enrollment

No individual applications are required.

Our Customer Service Team

Specifically focused on administering retiree medical and prescription drug plans, our team will help your retirees without rushing them off the phone and make them feel comfortable.

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