Consulting & Administration

Benefit Plan Administration

Benistar is focused explicitly on administering retiree medical and prescription drug plans and has the expertise to administer these plans as an integrated and seamless solution for eligible retirees.  As a third-party administrator, Benistar manages benefits for over 1,700 post-65 retiree groups. We offer:

Implementation Support

120-day timeline leveraging existing infrastructure with flexible but methodical practices and a single point of contact

Step-by-step implementation calls to guide you through the process

Member Services

Benistar Retiree Service Center – toll-free call center access

Customer service team members are fully trained in Medicare products and updates to regulations.

Ongoing Account Support

Annual quality review for plan design updates or other program changes

Single committed point of contact to provide add/term information for members or follow up on any inquiries

Billing & Premium Remittance

Benistar Admin Services Inc. (BASI) will handle all billing and collection management on behalf of the client, regardless of the unique situation. We include flexible options and implied billing statements.

Enrollment and Eligibility

BASI will coordinate all applicable eligibility and enrollment
information with the carriers and provide eligibility management services in a manner that complies with HIPAA and all federal, state, and local privacy and other applicable laws.

Compliance & Security

BASI maintains operational standards that meet or exceed all requirements set by CMS and other regulating bodies. BASI works within the HITRUST CSF framework to store, exchange, and regulate all sensitive data. Benistar complies with HIPAA and all federal, state, and local privacy and other applicable laws.

Account Management

BASI has an experienced team of account specialists that will assist with initial setup and ongoing account management to ensure the group always has what they need to solve problems and eliminate member issues. In addition, each group will get a list of specific contacts they can work with on questions or issues relating to Billing, Eligibility, Benefits, or general customer service questions.


BASI will assist in obtaining reporting from carriers when possible and will administer any in-house reporting as requested by each client.

Renewal Management

BASI’s focus each year is on stability. We will manage renewals on a case-by-case basis using our large book of business and carrier relationships to leverage a sustainable and reasonable renewal each year for each client.

Welcome Kit

Retirees will receive a welcome kit, including an ID card, certificate of insurance, benefit summary, evidence of coverage, and formulary (if applicable) for each line of coverage BASI administers. If issues arise with these packets, retirees will have the support of a trained BASI customer service agent to assist them in requesting new packets or cards if anything is lost or stolen.

Toll-Free Call Center Access

Retirees can call the Retiree Customer Service Center with questions about their benefits, billing, or eligibility. The retiree customer service team is trained in Medicare products and works closely with seniors. Representatives will stay on the line with the member and consult with the carrier or CMS to resolve member issues. Retirees are not rushed off the phone, and there are no time limits for a service call.

Having all the administration done in one place takes a massive burden off HR staff.


Through our relationships with the most reputable, highly-rated insurance carriers, you can offer your clients flexible and cost-competitive options. When you rely on Benistar to handle your clients’ Medicare needs, you will have more time to focus on meeting new clients. Further, the ability to offer quality, competitive retiree health plans to your prospects can be a differentiating factor in winning new business. We will assist you throughout the process with fast and expert quote processing and implementation. Our experts know the Medicare environment and will take care of the details so you can manage other aspects of your business.

Benistar Medicare Gap
The Medicare landscape is detailed and constantly changing. Benistar’s experts can assist you in providing the most current solutions to your current and prospective clients. We can provide consulting expertise to assist you in choosing the right plan for your client.

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