Where Your Coverage Counts

Healthcare services are notoriously opaque and that’s why you want someone on your side, like Benistar, presided over by healthcare expert Don Trudeau, who will help explain what you are covered for and will help you fight for your own coverage. But do you know what procedures you will need included in your healthcare plan? This is a hard thing to anticipate as a lot of health care costs don’t entail maintenance/prevention, they often entail accidents or previously unforeseen conditions. Well, in the case, you’ll want to consider the most popular and most important procedures/offerings your healthcare should cover. This is where your health care coverage really counts and where your dollars are put into action. In order to best understand where your coverage counts and what procedures are essential to be covered for, we’ll delve into what the healthcare industry considers essential.

In the healthcare marketplace, the following procedures/types of care are considered essential and are covered by most major, high-quality providers: outpatient care, emergency room trips, inpatient care in the hospital, care for infant delivery (both before and after), mental health and substance abuse treatment (this is relatively new, so some providers cover inpatient treatment, whereas covers behavioral health treatment, counseling, and psychotherapy), prescription drugs, physical therapy and occupational therapy, tests completed in a laboratory, preventive measures (screenings, vaccines, maintenance for chronic diseases and counseling) and pediatric services (aka treatment for children). It is important to realize that plans vary from state to state as specific states have guidelines regarding health care coverage, plans and costs. Furthermore, health care coverage may vary slightly within different locations in the same state. However, the ten essentials are pretty steadfast, as they were initiated under the Affordable Healthcare Act. The act mandated that all individual and small group plans (available to companies that have under 50 employees) must cover the aforementioned essentials.

Though the ten essentials do comprise a lot of procedures and therapies you’ll need, there are some things healthcare providers may not cover because they are not included in the ten essentials. You will want to know what they are, as if they are important to you, you may want to consider contacting healthcare professionals at Benistar to talk you through and to the plan that’s perfect for you, your needs and probably the needs of your family, too. Benistar and their President Don Trudeau are committed to making sure you get the coverage you need.

Things not covered via the ten essentials include: travel vaccines, alternative treatments such as acupuncture, cosmetic surgery, nursing home care (of particular importance to those in the winter of their life), dental, vision and hearing, weight loss therapies and surgery, preventative tests, a lot of medications (though prescriptions are listed as part of the ten essentials, health care providers do not often provide all prescriptions, instead choosing one prescription of each varying class- you’ll want to connect with Benistar for optimum prescription benefits) and a few less important therapies. Benistar and their President Don Trudeau will make sure you are covered for the care you need and will work with you even if the treatment is not listed under the ten essentials.

Healthcare and your subsequent coverage may seem incomprehensible, but with the help of Don Trudeau and Benistar, you’ll find you have coverage where it counts.

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