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How Retirees Can Keep Well During the Pandemic

As one of the nation’s leaders in group retiree medical benefits, Benistar deeply cares about the health of our retiree population

While the vast majority of states, counties, and cities are not on full lockdown as we were at the onset of the pandemic, there are still many restrictions in place for the sake of keeping the spread of the virus at a minimum. By now, most people understand that wearing a mask is critical for keeping yourself and others safe from viral respiratory droplets. However, this pandemic is highlighting just how important it is to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health.

Cultivating Hobbies Can Aid Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Retirement is a time to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor and spend the remainder of your years enjoying those things that bring a smile to your face. Part of that mentality is keeping your mind flexible and open to exploration. Finding new hobbies and cultivating current hobbies is one way that the elderly can keep mentally active and occupied. This is great advice for anyone who is suffering from the ill effects of being cooped up due to COVID.

Great ways to stay physically active are also important, as exercise keeps both the body healthy and the mind healthy. Some excellent hobbies can be:

  • Playing board games such as Chess
  • Playing court sports such as pickleball, tennis, shuffleboard, etc
  • Relaxing activities such as gardening
  • Going for a walk (provided you socially distance)
  • Water aerobics if a pool is available

Developing or Maintaining Social Connections

The sign of a life well-lived is being surrounded by people whom you have a mutual respect or love for. While everyone’s family situation is different, even reaching out to out of state family members through the phone can be comforting. Many retirees or senior citizens eventually move on to live in senior communities not only for the extra care and security this affords them but also because it makes it much easier to socialize and stay socially active.

Studies show that socialization is a key factor in quality of life as well as longevity for retirees. With the pandemic proving to be a serious obstacle to many people meeting their social needs, it is more important than ever that seniors find safe ways to socialize with low-risk people.

Take Care of Your Medical Health as Well as Possible

Providing group retiree medical benefits and prescription drug benefits are the primary ways in which Benistar is helping making robust healthcare options a reality for many retirees. Prescription medication prices have been rising for years now, it is incredibly important to know what your healthcare options are as well as what medications are affordably available.

During the pandemic, healthcare was both experiencing a boom and a disruption to the normal state of affairs. Many offices did not wish to see patients unless strictly necessary and this trend is still prevalent. However, many elderly patients are not as quick to adopt telehealth services as younger people are and physical check-ups are a critical part of diagnoses for the elderly.

Because retirees were most vulnerable to coronavirus, they also shied away the most from stepping outside even for doctor’s visits. And so, we urge our beloved seniors to take all necessary precautions to remain safe but to also seek out as much medical care as is necessary to maintain good health. Our next post will strive to cover the basics of telehealth services.

Post 65 Group Retiree Medical Benefits

Benistar is a nationwide leader in the administration of group retiree benefits. It is our goal to make sure retirees have access to affordable and quality healthcare plans that provide the necessary coverage to manage a variety of conditions and prescription drug needs.

For more information on our prescription drug EGWP plans or retiree benefits administration, contact us today at (860)-408-7000.

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