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Regulations for New Jersey Insurance & NRA Policies

NJ insurance regulators are in the midst of an investigation of “gun owner policies” that the NRA have promoted in the past. Their main claim is that they are not licensed by the state.

The NJ Governor released a statement this week stating that the Department of Banking and Insurance is investigating the sale of such insurance policies.

Lockton Affinity is under great scrutiny since it has been selling policies that they dubbed the “Carry Guard Program.” The NRA lashed back and denied any allegations. The counsel for the NRA said they have “acted appropriately at all times.”

The spokesman for the company this week stated that the company received an inquiry from the State of NJ:

“We take compliance matters seriously and will work with state regulators to address any concerns,” Davison wrote in an email. “Lockton has been in business for more than 50 years and our commitment to regulatory compliance and doing what’s best for our clients is unwavering.”

The spokesperson for the NRA, William Brewere III released their statement to the press:

“Since 2000, the NRA relied upon Lockton and its assurances that the insurance programs in question complied with all applicable state regulations. To the extent there are questions about Carry Guard being sold as a lawful self-defense insurance program, the NRA relied upon Lockton to administer the program and oversee its availability to New Jersey consumers.”

We dug deep into the official website for the NRA insurance located at and found some text from the website:

“Most homeowners, renters and auto insurance policies limit coverage for firearms, leaving serious gaps in protection. ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance takes over where other policies fall short. ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance provides NRA members with protection for legal firearms and attached accessories, such as scopes, rings, mounts, slings and sling swivels. Whether you keep your guns at home or carry them with you, there’s always a risk that something may happen to them.”

The policies state that they protect firearms from being lost, damaged, flood, fire, or theft for all firearms under $2,500 or less, anything over they need a list. In bold print the website reads:

No serial numbers are required.

Indicating to firearm owners that they will not question the source of the firearm.

In May, the State of New York fined another company $7,000,000 for selling liability coverage to almost 700 gun owners.

Earlier this month, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote a letter to other politicians letting them know about these policies and how to go about investigating the companies involved.

Some critics have gone as far as calling this coverage “murder insurance” stating it could create more violence and make people more likely to use guns. They created a campaign and a website located at hoping to collect digital signatures in an attempt to thwart these policies.

Regardless of these efforts, insurance companies will continue to write policies and law makers will try and stop them. Only time will tell.

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