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How to Improve Workplace Happiness – Benistar

There are many benefits to a happy and healthy workplace. Long-lasting businesses foster a work environment that allows employees and bosses a chance to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. Clear expectations, proper hiring practices, and listening to your employees are all characteristics of a healthy company. Landing a great contract or a sale can temporarily boost happiness for employees, much like a shopping spree or sugar rush; however, there are a few things that successful companies do that ultimately attract and keep top-performers.

An increase in happiness in the workplace will lead to better work output from the employees, retention of top-performers, an increase in creative collaboration, and a positive atmosphere. To create a collaborative environment, it requires extensive work and a strong top-down and bottom-up approach. Everyone wants a pleasant workplace, as that will lead to a more pleasant existence and an increase in the quality of life. Here are just a few ways to create a sustainably happy team:

  • Be Community Minded

Encourage your team to say “good morning” or “hello” to each other. You would be surprised at how many people in an organization don’t know their team member’s first names. Collaboration happens when people are comfortable with each other, and acknowledging people can transform the entire atmosphere of your workplace. Sometimes busy and focused people will forget this simple tip.

The Hawthorne Effect is a known psychological phenomenon that details the increase in productivity when people feel they are important or cared about. Remember to ask your employees, “how are you?”

  • Benefits

Does your company offer benefits? Is your business a career-oriented environment that offers attractive retiree benefits? Do employees see themselves working happily for you for years at a time into retirement? A company that cares for its employees after they leave or retire is going to attract some of the world’s top performers, which will inevitably increase work output and productivity. The promise of great retirement benefits will also answer the question as to “why” they want to work for you.

  • Encourage Your Employees to Work Towards Something

People will be more productive if they know they are working towards something. The possibility of real growth within a company encourages people to keep going. A challenging day is much more tolerable when they are working towards personal goals, be it developmental or career-based. People will not be bogged down by negativity if there is something great on the horizon.

  • Give Back to Your Employees

How often do you offer company outings or lunches to your employees? Do they feel appreciated? Have you ever asked them? If an employee has dietary restrictions, such as a gluten-free diet, do you offer them something or simply ignore their needs?

You can also try giving with your employees! Try giving back to your community or the world by raising money, donating, or starting an initiative.

Improving Workplace Happiness

Increasing happiness in the workplace is an important and productive part of any successful business. There are a couple things that you can do to make your employees feel more appreciated, such as asking how their day is, genuinely caring and listening to their needs, offering substantial benefits for retirement and life, giving back to your employees, and allowing room for training and growth within an organization.

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